About Us

Etrinitee Web Worx is a privately owned digital media company located in San Francisco. It was founded by city native and Silicon Valley veteran, Barney Lee, in 1999. Since it’s foundation, Etrinitee Web Worx has successfully implemented a multitude of projects. In this portfolio, you will find new and exciting web design, completely customized content management systems, full service e-commerce solutions including point of sale systems, custom inventory systems, order routing systems, and online marketing via email and search optimization. That is just a short sample in a long list of client victories. Rest assured there is the right solution at the right price available for each situation.

The strength of the Etrinitee team really lies in its individual contributors, though. This team is comprised of professionals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. These include, but are definitely not limited to, flash developers, professional 3D graphic modelers and renderers, traditional print designers, print service providers, database architects, java, PHP, ASP, CF programmers, experienced web designers, and systems developers from almost all disciplines. The team consists of members with a very wide breadth of experience and capability which makes implementation with Etrinitee fast and reliable. If a skill set is needed and it doesn’t exist on the team, Etrinitee has relationships with carefully selected vendors to provide the necessary service at optimal cost. The focus is on fulfilling the client request without limiting the client vision.

A strong background in conjunction with experience helping domestic and international clients makes Etrinitee a great choice to help you meet your online media goals. The approach is simple – let’s discuss and assess your needs so we can work together on a solution that’s right for your organization.



To build the 4th generation of Etrinitee Web Worx website with all new graphics and all new web technologies and techniques including: CSS-overlay based flash effects, user switchable skins, streaming video and audio, SPRY CSS navigation, SSI code base, all new graphics, all new colors, new content… and all in under 5 days!


  1. Follow tried and true web development standards and formulate a project plan with milestones associated to specific dates and time. No deviation is permitted. - DAY 1
  2. Research the new technology required to build the site. - DAY 1
  3. Build a mockup in Adobe Photoshop. Since we are our own client in this instance, we can give real time approval and feedback. A second version of the mockup is made in a darker color to provide the darker switchale skin. - DAY 2
  4. Engineer the code using latest SEO and CSS standards. - DAY 3
  5. Create dozens of flash files used to a achieve graphical goals. - DAY 3
  6. Write and edit new content. - DAY 4
  7. Integrate all collateral to create a BETA website. - DAY 4
  8. QA BETA website and fix bugs - DAY 5
  9. Launch Etrinitee Web Worx 4.0 website! - DAY 5
  10. Have a beer or two. - DAY 5.1