Client Testimonials

Etrinitee Web Worx endeavors to meet and/or exceed the goals of our clients. We don’t nickel-and-dime our clients to death with random up-charges or up-sells. Most of our clients know what they want. They just don’t know how to do build it. We do and that’s our strength. Check out some of our client testimonials below to see what some of our clients have said about us.


"I employed Etrinitee Web Worx to create branding, business cards, and a website for my law firm, and I have been very pleased with the results. Barney Lee is a skilled designer and created a website that not only looks highly professional, but is captivating and draws attention to my business. I have received a number of compliments regarding my website and I am very satisfied with the final product."
– Zachary Tyson, esq.  Nova Law Group
"I had no idea that the proper launch of a website could make such a difference. I had my site up for years and was happy with a few new customers now and then with lots of repeat business. After I spoke with Etrinitee, they made me aware of SEO to increase hits on my site, registering with search engines, how the site looks and works is important, and that reaching out to people through email can really boost your numbers. We did a launch of the revamped site and saw an immediate increase in new business. For Etrinitee, it was just another day at the office. For us, it was like being reborn."
– Ken Chow (Owner)
"Etrinitee was so professional, explained how the web site functions and how to operate it with ease. Working with him on our Web Site was a pleasure. We regard him as the best choice for web design and he was worth every penny. He is true to his word, honest and sincere, Noel Fox (American Clover Construction)"
– Ken Chow (Owner)
"Etrinitee is the very first place we go when one of our clients wants to optimize their presence on the web. They have the technological ability and expertise to customize every job; and the staff is flexible and easy to work with. What I like best about Etrinitee is that they’re quick – they don’t sit on jobs like a lot of other contractors. I don’t know what I’d do without them! "
– Scott Mosher (Owner)
"I needed a website for a special cause and it needed to catch people’s attention. Etrinitee understood my goals and produced an affordable, state-of-the-art website in a matter of days. Updates were made quickly and efficiently. And the feedback from the community was immediate – everybody commented that the site was well organized, well designed, and easy to navigate. I would recommend Etrintee’s Web Design Service to my friends and business associates without hesitation. " - Note: This site served it's purpose for this non-profit and was retired.
– Kevyn A. (Organizer)
"In 2008 we hired Barney at etrinitee webworx to design the website for our demolition firm. The various managers at our company each had a different idea of what we wanted to see on our website, both in content and form. Barney was able to synthesize everyone’s unique desires into a website that exceeded our expectations. The turn around time from conceptualization to going live was incredibly swift--we would submit our content and images then Barney would clean up the images, input the content, and provide a page for our review the same day. He came up with web effects we’d never seen before and a layout that was professional and not overdone. Barney was consistently eager to entertain our frequent questions with patience and efficiency. Zaccor Companies strongly recommends etrinitee webworx for the design of your next web project. "
– Kristine Largent (Manager)
"It is my pleasure to recommend Etrinitee Web Worx for all aspects of webdesign, implementation and launch. After only one consultation, Barney Lee understood our requirements and those of our 4 wdely different audiences. The website that Barney designed for us was simple in it functionality and elegant in its style. It presented to our clients all the information that they needed. We consider this website a huge success."
– Nora Lem, Ph.D., Dipl.Clin.Chem. (Director)
"Barney Lee was so professional, explained how the web site functions and how to operate it with ease. Working with him on our Web Site was a pleasure. We regard him as the best choice for web design and he was worth every penny. He is true to his word, honest and sincere."
– Noel Fox (Owner)
"Jargonnaut Content and Consulting referred me to Etrinitee to build a mock up for an exciting new web portal for manufacturing and importing products that I am building. The design was fresh and good looking. It was easy to use, a complete functional mock up, and presented well to important members of the business community in China, more specifically Canton. If this great idea catches on, I would like to work with Etrinitee to get a consistent web experience for customers. If I had gone somewhere else, I don’t know it would have been as easy to sell so far. "
– Freeman Peng (Owner)
"Etrinitee has been an extremely valuable design resource and business partner. Whether the job is big or small, they always manage to deliver a functional and attractive design that will drive noticeable results. My experience with Etrinitee finds them reasonable on price and almost always ahead of schedule. When I want to push the envelope with new technology or a complex implementation, it is just taken in stride. The bottom line is they deliver."
– Scott M. (Owner)