Custom Solutions

It’s not Murphy’s Law, coincidence, or astrology that leaves a company in a situation where the solution to their problem is unique or possibly the first solution of its kind. That is just the nature of business. Etrinitee appreciates this predicament and can work with your organization to develop a solution that will exceed your expectations.


Whether you need just some of our services or you need something completely new altogether, Etrinitee has the qualified team to deliver the right solution. This would include, but is not limited to, web applications, CRM systems, ETL processing, database driven content, and API’s. We can also design and engineer custom flash games, iphone apps, mobile websites and data crawlers. Contact us to discuss your project’s specifications.

The Correct Process

The experienced Etrinitee development team has successfully implemented enough projects to understand what works and what doesn’t; therefore, your development will follow tried and true industry process. We will work closely with you to draft requirements, create an internal PRD (Product Requirements Document), and then author the necessary technical documentation to support rollout. Post beta release of any project, we do full rounds of testing for quality assurance. If bugs are found, they are documented and fixed immediately. This step is repeated until all bugs and issues are worked out. Our clients get the products they pay for and nothing less.


When ordering a host of services, custom development, or any combination of the two, Etrinitee can bundle these services, where applicable, to lower the cost. We will try to work around your budget and build you something that you can be proud of. Unlike most of our competitors, we will not try to up-sell you services that you don’t need.


A fresh perspective and some experienced advice is always beneficial. We can provide these benefits to you through standard consulting services with on site consultants, phone consultation, webinars, or even through email correspondence. Let us work with you to fine tune your process or even initiate some competitive analysis to give you the edge in the market.


We prefer to live by the mantra – you dream it, we deliver it. Etrinitee has experience with a variety of complex and unique situations such as integrating your online and offline businesses. Implementations in this realm from our portfolio include restaurants and auto parts suppliers that use point of sale systems. Let’s hear your unique challenge.