Photo Restoration

Etrinitee is offering a new and exciting service – Photo Restoration. Have you ever looked at a photo and said to yourself "Wow this would be an awesome picture if that light post wasn’t in the way"? Or have you ever found some of your parents’ old, torn and faded black and white photos and thought "I wish I could see this pictures like they were just taken yesterday"? We now provide the solution. Just scan the images with a high resolution scanner or mail us the hard copies and we can restore and revitalize your treasured memories.

Restore Damanged Photos

We all should probably take better care of our old pictures. But the reality is photography is an old art. It goes back to 1839 when the first photographs were taken by scientists trying to capture images using light and/or radiation. When the first photographs were taken the photographers probably weren’t thinking about the longevity of their photos. Because of this, many photos were mistreated, mishandled, and misplaced. This is why finding an excellent old photo is a rarity. More often than not we find photos torn, faded, scratched, or even melted. Every time we see one of these photos our hearts sink a little. We wish “I wish this picture was in better shape”. In the past, this wish was nothing but a wish. Here’s where Etrinitee steps in. We use the latest in industry level scanners, software and artistic techniques to recover your past; bringing to live what was once lost. See the example below. This photo was found by a woman in her 70’s. The image you see on the left is a high resolution scan (reduced for the web) of the original photo. It has multiple scratches that go straight back to the underlying photo paper, discoloration from the years in a non-protected storage area and uneven wear due to partially laminated surface (typical in images of this period and in this part of the world). Etrinitee took this picture and scanned it using an ultra high resolution industry scanner. From there we restored the image pixel by pixel while correcting for color issues, air brushing in missing elements (due to the scratching), and evening the image’s tone. The end result is the pickture on the right.

photo restoration

Enhance Almost Perfect Photos

You’ve probably taken some photos that look great but they seem to be just a little too dark or just a little too bright. Perhaps you’ve taken some underwater photos and the light is super saturated with blue? Or perhaps you want to crop out a section of the image but you want to maintain or create a more interesting composition? Etrinitee can do this and much more. We have the software and technique to enhance all of your photos in any way you wish. The photo below was taken outdoors in Tahiti using a mediocre digital camera. On the left you can see the light is super saturated with yellow due from the intense sunlight on the other size of the plant. Also, the digital camera didn’t correct for the difference in light from the sunlight and the shade. The high resolution digital copy of the photo was enhanced using the newest and most impressive digital software to correct all of issues. This allowed the true nature of the image to shine through; as you can see from the image on the right.

photo enhacement

Doctor Photos to Create Perfection

Professional photographer will find this next product offering extremely interesting. At times we take pictures with the forethought of the perfect composition, lighting, angle, etc. But the reality is it’s not always perfect. The things that can happen to ruin a perfect shot are too numerous to name but here’s a short list: a random person walks into the frame, there’s some garbage on the ground, there’s a hand rail in the way, there’s a tree that’s about 3 feet too far to your left, etc, etc, etc. Most people including the professionals will take a look at these pictures and think “oh well it would have been perfect if…” Etrinitee is here to change that thought. We can doctor (fix) just about anything. Our methods are advanced and our attention to detail is intense. Look at the photos below. The one on the left was the original shot. It would have been a great picture if… yes the hand rail is covering half of the bride’s dress. The solution? Remove it! The original photo was manipulated pixel by pixel. The hand rail was not removed, but painted over using various techniques. In essence, we re-drew the dress, door, steps, the grooms shoes and pants. This work is not easy and if not done by a professional, the regular user will be able to tell that there’s something that’s just not right with the photo. We are excited to offer this new service to our clients. Whether you have one or 100 photos, contact us, we will give you a package deal that will be affordable and professional.

photo doctoring